Week of 7/31/17 through 8/5/17

Last week we finished our drywall and painted the interior walls. This week we are already under way hanging all the interior doors. In addition we have begun the base trim throughout the house. I like to install 5 ¼ inch beveled base. It creates a great look and feel to any floor. Around the doors the trim is 3 & ¼ on the sides, and 5 & ¼ trim used for the header trim. All trim will be completed this Thursday. In addition we are installing the engineered earth friendly wood flooring. This ½ inch Hickory wood flooring will have a warm energy that bubbles from below to create a gentle, cozy atmosphere in this beautiful new single story home. Outside we are cleaning up the back yard wood and siding to make room for a beautiful outdoor space to relax and enjoy. Out front we are pouring our driveway starting today. Probably the best week of the year to pour concrete with temperatures in the mid 90’s to low 100’s during the day and only dropping to 65 F overnight. This will allow the cement to cure and dry evenly. In one week we will have a driveway and sidewalk which will lead you to the beautiful porch stabilized by 10 by 10 Cedar glue lam beams and a Pine tongue and grove rafter framed ceiling. I am going with a dark tone stain to make this unique bulky entrance a bit more dramatic from the street. Wait to you see the finished product, it is a one of a kind home you can expect to love from Malace Homes custom and never repeated design team.