About Malace Homes

Tom Malace is an Award Winning Central Oregon home builder. Delivering high quality, luxurious homes at the best value possible.

About Tom

Tom had a long career in managing large teams of bankers who dealt directly with clients purchasing a home. During that time, he paid close attention to his customers’ heartaches about home buying.

After 18 years of listening, and a million conversations later, Tom knew customers consistently focused on specific concerns:

  • Sustainability
  • Best Possible Quality
  • On-time, On-budget
  • Upfront upgrades
  • Affordability

Our Goals For You

Since 2015, Malace Homes has made the marketplace better by offering a superior home that eliminates those home buyer concerns and creates happy clients.

  • We make the home acquisition process about warranty, service, and satisfaction. Not about counter offers and costly inspections.
  • Design and buy direct, using the latest technology in the home building process.
  • Custom built for your lifestyle.Relaxation, work, play, and income.

Expect More From Malace Homes

Malace Homes’ motto is “Expect More.” Every day, we are acquiring, designing, building, and selling our clients a new home with actions and products that live up to that motto. Malace Homes’ goal is to eliminate the fear of purchasing a home by providing best in class financing and design.

Malace Homes’ clients have an exceptional opportunity to live the American dream in affordable and customized homes. We invite you to review our available homes online, or call us to build on your lot. 

 Contact Tom at 541-408-2178 to talk about your dream home!

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