Even though Bend gets most of the attention when people talk about Central Oregon, the city of Redmond Oregon is growing at an exponential rate.

Redmond is central to Bend and to Sisters, too!

Redmond had 5,000 people 15 years ago.  That number is now close to 30,000.  Redmond has also opened three new schools, dozens of retailers, parks, and is growing at an exceptional rate.

With both the bustle of Bend and the serenity of Sisters just a 20 minute drive away, Redmond is an ideal place to settle down and enjoy the Central Oregon lifestyle.

One unfortunate consequence of Central Oregon’s growth is a shortage in housing options. In Central Oregon today, there is a 2% apartment vacancy rate and only a 65 day supply of homes for sale on the market.   These numbers are some of the lowest in the country.  

While there are many local builders offering custom homes, these types of homes are only built for a specific move-in. Some may find the pricing points for a custom home inaccessible, and when a community faces a steady influx of new residents, custom homes rarely add realistic housing availability to the market.

Malace Homes has the solution!

At Malace Homes, it’s our goal to meet the housing needs of the community to allow families to afford the unique and beautiful Central Oregon lifestyle.

Malace Homes’ solution to this problem is to build spec homes on finished lots in upscale neighborhoods in Redmond, Oregon. We can provide you with a custom-quality home, made with high-quality materials, at a more affordable price point.