Since our last update we have been working on excavating the site, preparing for the foundation. During that time our permit was approved. Starting Monday, February 1st, we will be laying out our foundation footers. With luck we will have the foundation inspected, approved, and poured by Friday February 5th. We have our framers scheduled to lay the floor joists on Monday February 8th. The trench for electrical has been dug and we will be trenching the water and sewer line this Wednesday and Thursday. Once our floor joists are in, our talented team of plumbers, and HVAC professionals will install the underfloor, connect the water, and sewer lines, while installing the HVAC piping to distribute heat and cool throughout this single-story home. With a little help on the weather, we can be decking the underfloor February 16th. For more information on this luxurious home please call Malace Homes.