The simple answer is that God isn’t making any more land, and preserving what remains is our obligation.  Green building highlights various categories of quality of “the build”. So let’s dive into them.

Energy efficiency:
This is the main concern when it comes from “the build” of a home and many of these important points are unseen when a home is finished.  What makes a large difference to the way home uses energy is how it contains heat in the winter and cool in the summer months.  Wall insulation is a factor that when building green and can save a home owner thousands.  Blown in wall insulation ensures an even install around framing, piping, venting, and electrical.  The end result is increased comfort, energy savings, and sound isolation.  Increased ceiling insulation in a flat attic or vaulted ceiling improves a home’s energy performance and comfort. We build airtight construction as well every time.  A tightly sealed house means a better indoor air quality; enhance comfort, sound isolation from outdoors, and greater durability against the elements.

Ductless Mini-Split or heat pumps offer some of the highest efficiencies available because they don’t have to use energy pushing air through ductwork.  They also don’t have to create a temperature 40 degrees higher and or lower than the desired temperature to heat or cool a room like a standard gas furnace.  They offer zonal heating and cooling to fine tune comfort in each area of the home.

High efficiency windows have low U-values to help maintain comfort year round by reducing heat loss through them.  Lastly under this category is the LED High Efficiency Lighting package.  Lights make a bid difference.   The majority of the light fixtures of this home are fitted with ENERGY STAR rated light emitting diode products.  LED products use about a fifth of the energy of standard incandescent lighting products, do not contain mercury, are dimmable, and can last 10 years or longer.

All of the our homes we build are built using energy efficiency that we described here.  Our townhomes on Blakely won the GREEN BUILDING AWARD in homes $500-$800k during the COBA Tour Of Homes this July 2019.

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