The history of Malace Homes began in the late ’90s. From 1998 to 2012, Tom Malace, founder of Malace Homes, worked to provide mortgages to clients. When builders started to come to him about the opportunity to start large-scale building projects presented itself in 2012, the idea for Malace Homes was born.

After financing hundreds of clients, Tom developed relationships with these builders, advising many of them financially. One Central Oregon builder wanted to buy four lots, but could not afford all of them.  This builder brought Malace Homes the two homesites and asked Tom to build the homes.  The timing was perfect – it was an opportunity to construct Tom’s vision of a luxurious and affordable home right in his backyard.  

So Tom studied, took his test, and is now a General Contractor, bonded licensed, and insured.  Now, not only could Tom could help clients own a home, but now also build that home.  

While providing a service such as a mortgage accomplishes a lot of things, it’s not tangible.   

With a mortgage, the client never gets the money — they only make payments.  Tom became a home builder because he wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, and he is taking great pleasure in seeing his homes, in beautiful neighborhoods, providing an exceptional opportunity for his clients to live the american dream.

Tom Malace is passionate, constantly looking for new ways to add quality and luxury to his homes without excluding buyers and pricing homes beyond their reach. “Everyone should have a beautiful home to call their own,” Tom says, “and when I put my name on something, I am going to do my very best.”  Tom is there to help, doing everything he can to help a client achieve their goal of owning a Malace Home.  

For Tom, creating a home instead of a contract is a breath of fresh air.  

With his extensive experience in home financing, Tom Malace has a deep understanding of what a client wants in a house, and what they can afford.   

This unique perspective defines his vision for a new kind of home – one that delivers both exceptional luxury and exceptional value.