On Tuesday May 7th we had a visit from our local NBC affiliate KTVZ NEWS. They heard of these innovative town houses, and wanted to report to the community the product for themselves. They highlighted the care we took using a smaller footprint by “building UP” instead of out. KTVZ reporters commented on the smart layout with suite living in these new homes. They loved the high tech gourmet kitchen appliances that communicate with one another through WIFI. They thought the energy efficient construction was also groundbreaking, and intelligent. Remember a smaller footprint is easier to clean, nothing to mow, and with a huge garage and tons of storage you sacrifice nothing that you want to in my well-appointed townhouse’s. We appreciated them coming down and acknowledging all of our hard work on the planning, design, construction, and interior finish selection for this portfolio of New Age Homebuilding located in the middle of SW Bend. Please watch the video below and share with your friends. I would love to see you out here at Riverwalk touring my fine homes. If you have a custom project that you would like to discuss, please get in touch with me on the website here. Thank you for your support Bend!


More energy-efficient homes come to area