We have just finished installing the Heating and cooling Mini Split systems in to 61566 and 61570 SW Blakely RD!

These systems are located with their own temperature control on each floor to make sure that you are sleeping well if you like it cold. You can turn down the heat while others in the kitchen are enjoying a nice 75 degrees! We currently have 4 units located throughout the house, 1 on each floor in the bedrooms, and 2 on the second floor where all the entertaining goes on in the kitchen and 2 balconies! This system is the ultimate in zone control and will make every person happy. Just another FREE upgrade from Malace homes.

We are also finishing the installation on all the GE Café model appliances. The refrigerator not only has 24 cubic feet of space for your delicious meals and ingredients, it has a cold and hot water disbursement valve and can make individual cups of coffee with your own built in Kuerig coffee maker! This saves counter space from your clunky old coffee maker. K-cups are easy to use and dispose of with no mess. This appliance hooks up to your WIFI for command and control as well. We selected this appliance because according to studies, you will spend the most time using this appliance above all others. Made in America, warranted, you deserve the best. High Tech!

We are also done with all the full tile showers and kitchen backsplashes in these 2 beautifully modern homes. The glossy white and grey tiles look beautiful and bring a lovely shine to the kitchen for you and your guests to admire for years to come. The 1 foot by 2 foot tiles, and 2 by 2 foot tiles command attention and create a great sense of space in these private wet areas of the home. All tiles were made in Italy, with contemporary styling from the best Italian tile maker in the Province. Easy to clean, handsome to look at, we hope you love them as much as we do.

We are in the final stages of adding the trusses to lot 1 and 2. These are not currently for sale at this time. Lots going on at Malace homes!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!